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Paint the town yellow with The Gault&Millau Australia 2019 Restaurant Guide.

Grab the latest print edition of Australia’s only international restaurant guide.

Launched 11th February 2019.

Special launch price: AU$24.99.

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Independent & Australia-wide.

For over 40 years, Gault&Millau has been recognised as a producer of unique and definitive food guides. Gault&Millau has become one of the most trusted brand names in Europe and, since 2014, has been expanding its reach within Australia.

Following the standards set by the original French guide, the 2019 Restaurant Guide focuses on what really matters: the food. Gault&Millau acknowledges the skill and creativity of chefs and the quality of the food above all other aspects of restaurant dining. Gault&Millau’s independent judges provide the reliable, unbiased reviewing that is the cornerstone of the guide.

Gault&Millau Australia adopts the 20-point and 5-hat system that is renowned in the brand’s birth country, France. This scoring system allows restaurants in the guide to measure themselves against their peers around the world. With restaurant reviews across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, Perth and regional areas, the 2019 Restaurant Guide is a must-have companion for locals and visitors wishing to navigate Australia’s vibrant restaurant scene.


‘Gault&Millau has long been a highly respected restaurant guide. It is great for Australia to have an international independent review panel with a completely open perspective.’

— Grant King, Chef